It’s Easy To Qualify

  • Step 1 – Customer Fills out application (online or Fax)

40% are approved on “Step 1” alone!

  • Step 2 – Even customers who aren’t approved on “application only” can still qualify when the following simple requirements are provided:

Most recent pay check stub verifying:

  • Minimum $1,000 gross income per month
  • Customer needs to have been employed for past six months at the same job or within the same industry (No temp service)
  • Year-to-Date totals need to be shown on check stub provided showing earned income for that year

Most recent complete bank statement verifying:

  • $500 in deposits in the month
  • Daily balances with positive balance at beginning and end of statement
  • Zero NSF fees or return charges
  • Less than 6 overdraft charges
  • More than 5 transactions in the month to be considered an active account

Voided Check or bank verification form:

  • Check must match the account number on the bank statement

Copy of Photo ID

Exceptions to our EASY requirements:

Self Employed

  • Need to submit 3 months of bank statements

Retirement/Social Security/VA/Long Term Disability

  • Need to provide benefit letter